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The Founder

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. With help of the media, founders of startup companies are gaining the recognition they need. One such platform is “The Founder”. The website furthers the development of startups and entrepreneurs in the country by publishing their stories on the biggest platform.

About The Founder

The Founder is the channel that introduces small startups and big startup or companies to the big world. It is an online story publishing platform that features startups and entrepreneurs, founders in India. The most promising stories get featured on this platform and the target audience gets a chance to review the real products even before trying them out.

The Founder understands the importance of media relations for every startup company. Thereby, the website is the most significant step towards creating a stronger relationship between startups and the media. The efficient team knows how to craft the success story in a good manner that the published content gives more opportunities for the startups to grow. In other words, The Founder is a platform that increases the chance of success for most of the startups in India.

Unmatched benefits of startup story publishing

You have a startup company and you did quite well in the competitive market. So, you definitely deserve that your story must be shared. Getting a pitch from startup story publishing portals like The Founder is one of the most beneficial strategies for media relations. Regardless of the size of the business, the campaign of media relations delivers remarkable benefits. For startups, it is of utmost importance to get featured on a story publishing platform because:

  1. Your business strategies will reach to a wider audience- in a better and quicker way.
  2. Your marketing campaign will get a proof of sanity- otherwise, most ads are considered to be simply fake and nothing else.
  3. When a startup gets media coverage from a recognized story publishing platform, the firm gets more recognition thus becomes a bigger brand.
  4. Sharing your success story can definitely boost your sales. The piece of content written by story publishers actually has more impact on your target audience than your digital presence.
  5. Story publishers like The Founder feature startups from a different background, that means you get a great opportunity to create your unique identity in the crowd of entrepreneurs.

What types of stories get featured on The Founder?

One of the top portals for the Indian startup companies, The Founder helps entrepreneurs in multiple ways. Sharing their success story with a large audience gets them success in the smartest and fastest way possible. Opportunities for success are unlimited for startups or entrepreneurs on The Founder portal. The platform features varied types of stories such as:

  • If any startup firm is going through the funding rounds and looking for investors, then The Founder is the best platform.
  • Entrepreneurs that want to build their community can also get their stories featured on the platform.
  • Startup firms that need to publicize their stories can get help from the editorial team of The Founder.
  • The network of startups on The Founder opens exciting possibilities for different categories like
    • Health tech startups
    • Business logistics
    • Fintech startups
    • Travel
    • Education
    • Enterprise
    • Analytics
    • Consumer Services

In the Indian startup ecosystem, a lot has been happening in the past few years. Many startups are accepting failure. However, some of them are getting immense recognition and rapid growth. The startups that get featured on portals like The Founder have a plus point because they are most likely to get listened to in the competitive marketplace.

How to get your startup story published?

Many startups are leveraging the business benefits of story publishing portals. The Founder is one such platform that opens up the world of funding galore for startups. If you also want to get your startup story published then you must keep a few things in mind:

  1. Get in touch when your product is ready to use.
  2. Understand the importance of media relations and get connected with us.
  3. Create some newsworthy content beforehand.
  4. Join a community or special group with help of the Founder portal.
  5. Be a part of startup events, find investors and get featured.
  6. To create an impactful content post your requirements to The Founder.


Startups from the hottest sectors of the Indian Startup ecosystem are also leveraging the benefits of The Founder. If you also want that your brand gets the noteworthy impact then skyrocket your media relations strategies by connecting with the team of The Founder.

The Founder wants to contribute to society by sharing the most deserving startup stories. To connect with The Founder and get encouraged to share what’s the most impactful thing about your startup?