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Meet Monarch Jaiswal Founder of DMC

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Start-up: Digital Marketing Careers

Founders:– Monarch Jaiswal

Year it was founded: 2016

Where it is located: Delhi

Sector: IT Solutions

Website URL: https://digitalmarketingcareers.org/


  1. How did your journey start as a founder? What was that thing that triggered that you start? Your own thing?

It all started with ideas, which become a passion. The passion of doing something on my own led to multiple conversations amongst friends & family. Few of them encouraged the idea however few of them said that it was impossible.

In the end, I decided to move on with my idea, and we started the firm. And, I feel that the best way to show who you are, where you started, where you’re going, is to turn your thoughts in action.

Taking the 1st step was difficult but believing in my Passion, Integrity, Quality of Work and Respect for People opened the door to register the firm Not only in India but in the USA also.


  1. Did you work anywhere in the company or institution before starting your own thing? How Was the experience of working there?

Yes, I was a faculty in Web design and development; I have also worked as a Digital Marketing Manager and Management Trainer too. So, in a way, I am fortunate enough to gain an abundance of knowledge about the ways of training, Management, etc.


  1. So without wasting much time, let us know about your dream and how you are making it a Reality as a start-up?

Well, the dream is to take our Agency to the Next Level, Helping small business and Big Brands Aquire more and more business and build their Brand credibility in the online world.

If brands for whom we are working shine with an excellent online reputation, we are happy & satisfied.

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  1. How did you realize that you should start this thing? Was there a specific pain point you recognized?

Well, I belong to a family of businesspeople, Starting something is in the blood. However, this particular startup was a result of a passion for doing something on my own and enthusiasm towards learning new technologies, adapting the same, Implementations & results.

Also, Digitalization is the need of the hour. Every business, big or small wants to come online. After lots of research and survey, Digital Marketing Careers emerged providing website development, IT and Digital Solutions.

Yes, there have been multiple pain points. If you are passionate, you need to find a resolution so did I.

The most significant pain point about which I also feel bad is the trust issue of the foreign customer if they have been wrongly committed with any company. I have worked for more than 500 international clients who were improperly committed either for website development or marketing from their previous marketing agencies. What I feel is wrong commitments are the trust barrier between people, companies and even countries.

Don’t over commit and under deliver. Always under promise and over deliver, be bold, don’t lose the integrity success would be yours.

  1. Did you start it on your own or other co-founders are working with you?

Even though I started it on my own, the credit of every bit of success goes to all my people who are a part of or have been a part of Digital Marketing Careers by any means.

  1. How, do you think, your start-up is making the world a better place to live?

Well, I don’t know about the world. However, the kind of transparency we share with our people & clients make them feel comfortable with us. Our honesty, dedication, hard work brings in word of mouth for us.

  1. What is your vision regarding your start-up? What is the end game here?

A vision is to help ensure our company remains consistently excellent and focused. Our four key elements:


  1. Have you been funded?

I have not been funded yet.

  1. What are things to be kept in mind to land a potential investor?

Whenever a new investor approaches – see a majority of Start-up have one thing common: we’re totally in love with our own company and services. We are so passionate, enthusiastic and optimistic. We can’t wait to tell everyone how our idea or services is going to change the world.

  1. What is the best marketing and customer acquisition strategy according to you?

See if I talk about customer acquisition which is very important for businesses of any age and size. Our first and most important move is to make our customers believe in them as well as their ideas and to inform how we can help them to obtain the best.  It allows our business to make money to meet costs, pay employees, and reinvest in growth, and also show evidence of traction for outside parties such as investors, partners, and influencers.

  1. One advice you would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs.

We are now in a world where we can no longer depend on education. We are now in a world where only the smart survives. I like to share with all that you are prepared to embrace the Risks.

Failure is a Necessary Evil and Pursue that dream, Reward Will come later. I have failed multiple times and trust me, every time it was a learning experience.

  1. What is leadership according to you?

Leadership can be hard to define, and it means different things to different people. A good leader is one who is always three steps ahead of the others. He looks out for the people before himself. Yes, your teammates will fail. But you need to pick them up for helping them to start honing their skills.

  1. How much percentage of the targeted user have you been able to achieve?

I can state that it’s 40%. We have focused on our gatherings of people through Facebook and Google campaigns, and it has been getting a constructive reaction.

  1. What is your next strategy to attract more traction?

Enhancing the nature of our services and meeting the requirements of the clients each day, we always improve us as there is no end to learning.

  1. Will you be broadening your target audience or the customer segments any time soon?

Of course why not, we are planning to target the whole Asia Audience, and I believe soon we are going to pave our way to success.

  1. How will you put your startup journey in a metaphor?

My Start-up life has been a roller coaster ride, but somehow I’ve always been able to land on my feet and still play the role.

  1. What were the high and the low points of this journey?

I remember the high point, who wants to retain the low ones.

There has numerous high.

In 2016 When I started, though of 100 Customer Acquisition in the 1st year, and we achieved it.

In 2017 we had multiple business goals, revenue goals and 98% was the success rate.

2018 was tremendous by the grace of God. We touched 8 Figures Revenue With More than 600 New Clients Acquisition and a 100% Satisfaction rate.

I am hoping for the business to have one of the best times in 2019.


  1. Do you think there is an employment crisis in the country?

Yes! And let me write it in bold again YES! There is a job crisis and but this is gradually improving.

  1. What can be done to remove these skill and employment gaps?

One of the most significant barriers to employment for young people is lack of experience. Employment gaps and skill gaps are two very different issues. If I talk about employment gaps – which are facing by the whole nation, however, still missing can be easily acquired by learning and practicing. If anyone has a skill gap, it does not mean that he or she is unemployed. SO, both of these issues need to be tackled in different ways.

  1. How can entrepreneurship benefit the employment situation in India?

Economic development of a country is supported by entrepreneurship in several ways. Entrepreneurs are providing great offers in the form of opportunities to many associated domains. There is no doubt in saying that all entrepreneurial ventures are creating new wealth. It is also assisting a lot in reducing the dependency level on outdated systems and technologies thus, helping in improving the standard of living, culture and high economic growth as well.

  1. Do you need to be a special one to launch your start-up?

We have to work through our weakness, feature the positive indicates and take our organization to the winning position. Let the items or services a chance to talk for the benefit of your organization.

  1. When should one go for funding and capital investors?

As you know Money is the bloodline of any business. Before you start raising funds in the project, the main thing is to understand the various stages of its life cycle for funding and capital investors.

  1. Are innovation and creativity that essential for a start-up?

Creativity happens in your head. Innovation happens in the world. Creativity alone cannot start a business for you. It should, however, act as a motivator to make your ideas a reality. It’s all cause of creative minds and innovations that we can step in such an advanced lifestyle.

  1. What is innovation and creativity for you?

Discussions about innovation are often made difficult because people are unclear about the exact meanings of some key terms. See, innovation can also be done in an existing product or service. For me, real innovations and creativity are visible when one can make a notable change in the already existing popular products or services.

  1. What qualities and skills do you look for when you hire someone?

Firstly, my most demandable is Ability to Work in Harmony with Co-Workers. Secondly, Eager and Willing to Add to Their Knowledge Base and Skills. One needs a transparent and genuine person to deal happily with my clients and for maintaining positivity in my workspace.

  1. Should there be organizational politics in a start-up?

Big NO, Common misconception that there are no politics at start-ups. Just when you thought your start-up has a unique culture, free from the evils of the corporate work culture.

  1. Can entrepreneurship be THE solution to eliminate organizational politics?

It’s not true that entrepreneurship will eliminate organizational politics. I am sure that there are numerous such new businesses where somebody has just prodded hierarchical politics issues.

  1. What is the best management strategy to increase employee effectiveness and satisfaction?

Enable them to share their thoughts, spur them to work at their carefulness and inspire them completely.  As paying motivators and prizes go about as a trigger does as well, inspiration.

  1. How do you maintain a culture of innovation in the organization?

Employers should also encourage employees to customize their workstations.  Another way to give employees a sense of control is to create employee-driven competitions such as sales competitions.

  1. Do you think mental wellbeing and stress management should be a focus of the Organization?

Let there be minimal pressure and settle for a happy work environment. Stressing your employees will only ruin the situation and will not produce any productive outcome.

  1. What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Most successful entrepreneurs follow comparable patterns and share similar fundamental characteristics. Passion, perseverance and a positive attitude tend to set successful entrepreneurs apart. Cultivating these attributes requires an innate skill set and some tips to get started.

  1. How much do you think networking is essential to be a successful entrepreneur?

A key element to effective networking is to make you known. Personal relationships are essential for entrepreneurs because they provide an outlet separate from the company and can help you avoid burnout. However, if you can’t show quality work, networking is of no help.

  1. Does the start-up ecosystem have a bright future in India?

The waves that are coming in the next 20 years will make what’s happened to pass look like a child’s play. Future for the start-up ecosystem has already started. Repetition and diversification are critical elements in start-up ecosystems.

  1. What changes need to be done in elementary education to foster entrepreneurship? Tendency?

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of information concluded mentoring is critical to the successful implementation of the entrepreneurship learning experience. Individuals should quit telling the children that doctor, engineer, lawyer, and other conventional jobs are the primary way an understudy can lead an upbeat and besides anchored life.  The modern world has opened so many options for a student to choose from and entrepreneurship is one such option.

  1. What is the next big thing in the start-up ecosystem?

The next big thing in the Start-up is the opportunity which can be converted into reality. It involves a coming together of people who are intelligent, driven, creative, tech-savvy and passionate and have an appetite for calculated risk. A majority of this future technology will likely be brought into the world by entrepreneurs creating start-ups. Let’s see what the future has in store for us. Successful entrepreneurs also create new businesses or turn themselves into investors. So, a start-up ecosystem is an economical process for a city, country, or region.

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